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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn a little more about the Blue & White Tent with some of the most frequently asked questions. 

  • Why is the Blue and White Tent necessary?
    The Blue and White Tent is not just an initiative; it's a necessary response to the alarming rise in antisemitism on college campuses, particularly following the events of October 7th. Here's why our presence is crucial: 1. Unprecedented Increase in Antisemitic Incidents: Since October 7th, there has been a staggering 316% increase in reported antisemitic incidents on college campuses. This isn't just a slight uptick; it's a wave of hatred that requires urgent attention and action. 2. Severity and Diversity of Incidents: We're witnessing everything from vandalism at Jewish student centers to physical assaults to mobs openly calling for genocide. These aren't just statistics; they're real attacks on students that create an atmosphere of fear, intimidation, and isolation. 3. Lack of University response: The distress of Jewish and Israeli students is severely exacerbated by the overwhelming lack of response from University officials. This leads the students to believe their concerns are going either unacknowledged or dismissed by administrators who should be prioritizing student safety - leading many Jewish students asking the question: “If the same attacks happened to other minority groups, would the University intervene?” 4. A Growing Gap in Perception: A concerning disparity exists in the recognition of these incidents. While a significant majority of Jewish students are directly experiencing or witnessing antisemitism, a much smaller proportion of non-Jewish students are aware of these incidents. This gap underscores a lack of awareness and understanding that we aim to bridge. 5. Global Events, Local Impact: The rise in antisemitism isn't happening in isolation. It's closely linked to global events like the recent Israel-Hamas war. A recent study showed that 60% of Americans between ages 18-24 believe that Hamas’s attack on October 7th was justified. These international issues resonate on campuses, manifesting as heightened antisemitic tensions and acts. 6. Alarming Endorsements: In many well-documented instances (such as the ones here), student groups have shockingly supported acts of antisemitism and terrorism. This normalization of hatred is deeply concerning and calls for a robust counter-narrative. The situation on campuses post-October 7th isn't just a Jewish problem; it's a challenge to the values of diversity, respect, and safety that every educational institution should uphold. Through The Blue and White Tent, we're not only addressing these immediate concerns but also fostering a broader understanding and respect for Jewish and Israeli perspectives. Our proactive approach in education, dialogue, and community building is essential to combat ignorance, challenge bias, and ensure a safe and environment for Jewish and Israeli students.
  • Don’t Universities already offer classes on Israel, Jewish History, and the Middle East? Isn’t this their responsibility?
    It is their responsibility. Sadly, the evidence shows that they have been failing at their job. Traditional college educational models often relegate courses on Jewish and Israeli history, antisemitism, and the Middle East to niche electives or exclude them from their curricula entirely. This passive, opt-in system leaves a significant gap in understanding for students who do not actively seek to become educated on these topics; consequently, it has completely failed to stem the rising tide of ignorance and intolerance in our Universities. Furthermore, racism and harassment prevention training for students and staff often completely overlooks the matter of antisemitism. This is exacerbated by various DEI initiatives which purposefully exclude or discriminate against both current and prospective Jewish students and faculty. This leads to a dangerous double standard wherein Jews suffer the same intolerances facing other minority groups, but without the same protections extended to them. The Blue and White Tent challenges this status quo with a new, proactive approach. By building a visible presence in the heart of college campuses, our initiative goes beyond these limitations - thus ensuring that the truth about Jewish and Israeli history, the harsh realities of antisemitism, and the complexities of the Middle East are not just available but impossible to ignore.
  • How is your approach different than other on-campus activism initiatives?
    Jewish students are facing a highly-organized and visible foe. To combat this, we require an equally organized and visible effort. Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and other affiliate organizations are not new, grassroots initiatives. They have been around for a very long time, and have spent years perfecting their doctrines and playbooks. It is no surprise that every time disaster strikes Israel, they are prepared to quickly move into action, shrewdly shifting the blame and attention away from the actions of terrorist groups. By contrast, Jewish student groups on campus are often disorganized and slow to respond. During times of peace, their focus is primarily geared towards community-building, rather than visible activism, education, and prevention of future outbreaks of antisemitism. The Blue and White Tent overhauls this approach completely. Through a clear, sustained, and visible presence on college campuses, we promote powerful content and engaging discussions led by knowledgeable Jewish and Israeli students - thereby challenging misconceptions, confronting biased narratives, and shining a light on the truths which are often overshadowed by prejudice and misinformation. Our Tent is not just an information hub; it's a symbol of Jewish strength and a call to action. We provide a platform for Jewish and Israeli students to express their identity with pride, confront bigotry head-on, and foster a community of support and understanding. We are not just reacting to antisemitism; we are actively fighting against it, advocating for a campus culture where Jewish self-determination and Jewish safety will never again be in question.
  • What results have you seen? Does it work?
    At the Blue and White Tent our philosophy is that actions speak louder than words. For proof that our initiative is effective at combating antisemitism, click here to see the Stanford story. Following the opening of our first Blue and White Tent in November 2023, Stanford students noted a marked decrease in antisemitic incidents and anti-Israel sentiment on campus. Anti-Israel demonstrations, at one point inciting over 1000 students to march through campus with calls for Intifada, now struggle to get as many as a dozen students. Antisemitic vandalism which was scrawled across campus has virtually ceased to exist. Harassment is at an all-time low. Education, by contrast, is at an all time high. Jewish students feel more secure, more confident, and more in-control of their own lives than ever before. We attribute this success to three things: First, we bring awareness to core issues surrounding Jews, Israel, and the Middle East, making this information both impossible to ignore through public visibility and also grounding it in reality through dialogue with Jewish and Israeli students. Second, we counter the weaponry of social stigmitzation employed by SJP and its affiliates by showcasing their support for radical, fundamentalist terrorist organizations, contrasting it to vibrant, inclusive Israeli life. Third, by empowering our Student Leaders to make their voices heard, we normalize Zionism and Jewish-Identity, ensuring the safety of the next generation of Jewish students. If you’re impressed by our mission and desire to establish a presence at your home University, please express your interest here.
  • What about harassment? Is that an issue at The Blue and White Tent?
    At The Blue and White Tent, we recognize that standing up for Jewish pride and Zionist values in a college environment can attract attention, including, occasionally, harassment. However, our experience has shown that by establishing a physical and highly visible presence on campus, we're effectively changing the narrative around Zionism and Jewish identity. This approach significantly reduces the instances and impact of harassment over time. In fact, our results have been heartening: For every individual who may pose a challenge or harass us, there are at least ten who express their support and gratitude. Our presence has emboldened those who previously felt they had no voice or representation against prevailing antisemitic narratives - showing that a silent majority does in fact exist. It’s a powerful testament to the importance of our mission, demonstrating that standing up for what's right can lead to a positive shift in campus culture. Our situation mirrors that of Israel in many ways. Like Israel, we've established ourselves in an environment where we are often met with hostility simply for asserting our right to exist and defend our identity. Unfortunately, there's a pervasive double standard in the world where Jewish self-defense or assertion is misconstrued as aggression. This is a challenge we are all too familiar with, and it's a perception we're dedicated to dismantling. Through The Blue and White Tent, we're not only providing a safe space for Jewish and Israeli students but also educating the wider campus community. We're demonstrating that Zionism and Jewish pride are not only normal but integral to a diverse and respectful university environment. By doing so, we hope to reduce the instances of harassment and change the narrative surrounding Jewish self-defense and advocacy. Our goal is to foster an environment where Jewish self-determination and Jewish safety will never again be in question.
  • Are you affiliated with any other on-campus Jewish organizations like Chabad or Hillel?
    Other on-campus groups such as Chabad and Hillel have been critical to building strong Jewish communities at Universities across the country. They are also often the first-line of defense in advocating for Jewish students’ interests. While we welcome and enjoy collaboration with these other on-campus organizations, we remain an independent, student-led initiative. We maintain this separation to ensure the sanctity of our fundamental mission - which is to stop antisemitism in its tracks, ensure the continued safety of Jewish students, provide a platform for Zionist voices, and build strong Jewish communities. Our Student Leaders span the political and religious spectrum. Some were involved in religious community life, Jewish student groups, and other activism initiatives prior to October 7th, while others are complete newcomers. No matter which category you fall into, where you come from, or where you’re going - we’d love to have you join The Blue and White Tent. Together, we can build a better future for Jewish and Israeli students on campus. Learn more about how to get involved here.
  • Are you affiliated with any other national Jewish organizations like IAC, AIPAC, StandWithUS, StopAntisemitism, etc.?
    While we welcome and enjoy collaboration with other Jewish organizations, we remain an independent nonprofit. Other national Jewish organizations are essential in advocating for the welfare of Jews at the federal, state, and local scales. Without their continued efforts, Jewish life in America would look drastically different. These groups also generously extend considerable support and resources to students in need on college campuses, which provides these students with the means of accomplishing their goals. The Blue and White Tent takes this one step further: We provide a proven, bottom-up approach to combating antisemitism on college campuses. Through a clear, sustained, and visible presence in the heart of campus, we promote powerful content and engaging discussions led by knowledgeable Jewish and Israeli students - thereby challenging misconceptions, confronting biased narratives, and shining a light on the truths which are often overshadowed by prejudice and misinformation. You can see the results here. We receive plenty of support from these other national Jewish organizations and work with them closely in order to bring about our shared visions. You can see some of the events we have jointly sponsored with these groups in our Gallery [Link]. If your nonprofit wishes to collaborate with us, please contact us directly here.
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