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It all started at Stanford University.

This is the New Face of Stanford

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Stanford University, one of the most elite schools in the world, became the scene of a disturbing display of antisemitism that began on the morning of October 7, 2023. As the world looked on in horror as Hamas terrorists rampaged through Israeli neighborhoods, students at Stanford rallied, celebrating the death of Jews, referring to the terrorists as "martyrs" and "heroes".

Banners put up across campus following Oct 7, celebrating Hamas

This was just the beginning of the outpouring of hatred at Stanford.

Jewish students woke up to threatening messages posted on their dorms. Later, a Jewish student's room was ransacked twice, with his mezuzah ripped down the first time and stolen the second. Feeling unsafe and driven out of their homes, the Jewish students went outside only to be met with calls for Intifada scrawled across campus.

Signs put up next to Jewish dorms and chalked across campus

Concerned for their safety and wellbeing, Jewish students pleaded with the University to step in.

These concerns were categorically ignored by the University.

Emboldened by this lack of response, Stanford professor Ameer Loggins justified the terrorist attacks in a class calling Hamas "freedom fighters". He then asked every Jewish student in the room to identify themselves. Bringing Jewish students to the back of the room, Loggins proceeded to separate them from their possessions saying, "this is what Israel does to the Palestinians." The students were compelled to stand in the corner while Loggins laughed.

Loggins also added that "only 6 million Jews died in the holocaust," seeming to imply that it wasn't enough.

Shortly thereafter, a mob of over a thousand students, faculty, and staff marched through the center of campus, celebrating the terrorists who slaughtered Jewish civilians, chanting "long live the Intifada" and, in Arabic:

"From the River to the Sea, Israel will be Arab"

Students, staff, and faculty march through campus celebrating terrorism - Oct 20

The mob gathered afterwards in the heart of campus for a rally in which a

Stanford student publicly called for taking up arms on college campuses via militant action

Stanford Student calls for taking up arms action on campus - Oct 20

The Stanford mob cheers as one student calls for militant action on campus - Oct 20

Shockingly, the University supported this event, including sending staff to help orchestrate and manage it.

Jewish students and faculty, caught up in the rally on their way to work, reported to the University that they were harassed, intimidated, and threatened by the mob.

Their grievances were once again met with silence.

Seeing no repercussion for their previous calls to violence, just five days after the first rally, SJP held another. Once again, over a thousand students, faculty, and staff amassed in the center of campus, chanting for globalization of the Intifada and the destruction of Israel. Again, this march was in part coordinated and managed by the University itself.

Thousands of students, staff, and faculty at the march in front of Main Quad - Oct 25

Pro-Hamas students have also built a "sit-in" protest complete with blood libel and threats against the Jewish people. Their signs have phrases such as, "Ceasefire is just the beginning," "Israel is a terrorist state," and "Israel skins martyred Palestinians for their skin bank."

At the Anti-Israel Sit-In, students promote blood libels and false narratives

Armed with these narratives, the Sit-In students remain entrenched in the heart of campus all day and night. Their stated goal? To publicly promote a one-state solution in which Israel ceases to exist.

Members of the Sit-In have been known to harass Jews and Israelis, on one occasion completely surrounding a lone Jewish kippah-wearing student and shouting in his face,

"You're Dirty. All of you people are dirty."

Several faculty members are large supporters and contributors to the Sit-In, the most notable of these is Professor David Palumbo Liu, founder of the Stanford Faculty for Justice in Palestine (FJP), who

Publicly celebrated the fact that "Zionists" don't feel safe on campus.

Faculty at Stanford are allowed to keep their jobs, despite rampant antisemitsm

Despite numerous complaints, the University has done nothing about this troubling Professor.

For months, there was virtually zero support or contact from the Stanford University administration. While Jewish and Israeli students were mourning their loved ones, while they were being terrorized and tormented in their dorms and in their classrooms, while they watched in horror as mobs of thousands marched by their windows calling for Jewish death, Stanford University categorically refused to step in to prioritize the safety and wellbeing of its Jewish students.

Instead, Jewish students were left to fend for themselves.

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